What is ETGB (Fast Export)?

The cost of the goods is 7.500 Euro and the weight of which is not more than 150 kg.
What is ETGB (Electronic Trade Customs Declaration)?
Postal and Fast Cargo in Exporters is an electronic statement issued by the operators.
Cargo companies are authorized to provide Fast Export Service with ETGB for export shipments through indirect representation.
What are the Advantages of Fast Export?
There is no need to pay customs brokerage and deposit fee.
Does not require power of attorney.
It saves you time by not dealing with paperwork.
Allows you to get VAT refund of your shipment.
What are the documents required for rapid export?
Export Information Form (Stamp and signed, can be accessed from UPS Fast Export Documents link above)
Turkish certified invoice certified
Invoice in English or German for use in the country of destination
How Does the Fast Export Process Work?
When the call register is issued, the sender will be issued with the Fast Export service and the above mentioned Quick Export Document is prepared in full.
The originals of the documents are given to the courier who takes the delivery.
The cargo courier, which takes delivery of the shipment, attaches the bağlı EXPORT ”label to the packages and delivers it separately to the responsible persons in the operation center to which it is connected.
The shipment is shipped to the airport on the next working day and taken to the export warehouse.
The day the shipment is delivered to the export warehouse, ETGB is issued and the same evening is abroad.
On the following business day, ETGB documents are sent to the sender via e-mail.
How can you get the VAT for your export shipments?
You can apply for VAT refund by submitting the output of ETGB which is approved by the Customs Directorate and transferred to the VEDOP (Tax Offices Automation Project) system to the tax office.
In cases where the ETGB dump cannot be printed out, a letter containing the information about the declaration is provided to you by the cargo company.
You can request a VAT refund by submitting this letter and declaration to the tax office.
Quick Export How to Get Related Documents to Be Delivered After Your Submissions Are Done
With regard to shipments made with Fast Export, you will automatically be provided by the daily ETGB Declaration Notice shipping companies to the e-mail address you specify.


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