What is Export?

Exports, which represent the sale of goods or services produced in a country in foreign currency, is a sector that provides money flow to the country in this way.
Working in this field, which is very important for the economy of the country, is very efficient in terms of access to foreign markets and profitability. But it also requires a highly planned and good feasibility study. Export sector; the need for power, time and money is constantly maintained.
Export operations carry risks in many areas as well as in commercial enterprises. However, if you manage all processes with proper planning, you can foresee the risks that may arise and overcome all these risks. With such planning and management, it is inevitable to be successful in exports.
Now, ad Who can be an exporter? Ist in the response to the question ler According to the goods to be exported, which is a member of the General Secretariat of the relevant Exporter Associations and the tax number, natural or legal person is not the status of the legal provisions of the provisions of the legislation in force, although authorized to export partnerships that are authorized to export .
Market research on export is very important for how to sell and market your product. In view of this importance, we recommend that you consider the following issues in your research studies to reduce the risks that may be encountered during the sale of the products and services to be exported to foreign markets:
Obtaining information about the country's policy against foreign product imports and existing tariffs and non-tariff barriers
Comparison of target market with domestic market, determination of similarities and differences
Looking at the economic and political structure of the country to enter the market
Determination of population characteristics in target market
A detailed assessment of the changing demand structure
Working with the right marketing techniques
Good recognition of competing products and firms in the market
Study for correct pricing
Keep in mind that you can be in a successful position in the export sector and contribute to the development of the country's economy by providing a sustainable market research and preparedness for risks and with continuity with planned works!


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