E-Exporters 8 Suggestions

In today's world, where physical boundaries are abolished and instant information exchange can be achieved, this enlargement, which is seen in every field, shows its effects on trade.
Rapidly evolving and advancing on the road to becoming a rival rather than an alternative to traditional retailing, e-commerce is the perfect tool for being on the international market.
There are a few simple points that need to be taken into account to make an e-export or to sell abroad. Following these steps means taking a great distance to succeed in e-export.
1- Determine Your Audience
Identify your target audience for your products or services before opening abroad. In order to establish the right marketing strategies, it is necessary to know the product well and to follow the habits, needs and expectations of the audience.
2- Know the Product
In order for e-commerce companies to be successful in e-export, they should analyze the products or products they offer to the user. It may be more accurate to focus on products that have a high cost-profit ratio, which are suitable for expectations and needs, or which can create new demands. In addition, easy to sell and products that do not create a problem in the first stage can help take more healthy steps.
3- Keep Right Marketing Strategy and Multi-Channel Use
After the target audience is determined, how to reach this audience should be paid attention. Which of the digital channels will be used, how often and with what kind of content marketing activities will be done, how to use the power of social media, should be determined before departure. It is also possible to follow trends to play a role in reaching the target audience more easily.
4- Analyze the Market
As well as the products to be exported to the e-export market is also important. The market's potential, competitor analysis, similar products and advantages-disadvantages are examined and the dominance of the market brings about more realistic steps to be taken and possible problems to be prevented beforehand.
5- A Website Should Be Absolute
It is important to create trust perception on consumers, to be an accessible source for different questions and problems, to provide detailed information. This can be achieved through the website of the exporting company.
6- Active in Social Media
In order to keep the pulse of the consumer, to interact with them and to increase brand awareness, it is necessary to be active and even active in social media. In this way, direct and direct contact with customers and the provision of speed and practicality brings both customer satisfaction and provide a weft to the creation of loyal customers.
7- Keep Customer Information Regularly
By having a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, accumulating customer information, shopping frequencies and interests in a pool is valuable in terms of creating a professional image and producing fast and rational solutions to problems. Recording the data obtained from each contact with the customer helps to take a faster course in the following stages.
8- Act on International B2B Sites
Taking place in B2B sites such as alibaba.com, tradeatlas.com, archiexpo.com, fordaq.com, which are among the basic points of international online shopping, offering products in a corporate image frame in these areas, enables users in many different points of the world to be reached through a single platform. . Moreover, the state institutions cover a large part of the membership fee in case of membership in these platforms and allow e-exporters to operate at lower costs.


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