Subject to Import Transactions; · Commodities to be purchased are the subject of promoting projects
· To determine the Customs Tariff Statistics Positions
· Removing incentive certificates
· Preparing and certifying local and imported global lists in Investment Incentives
· Arranging and certifying vouchers if available
· After the receipt of the receipt of the receipt of the bill of lading, the bill of lading
· Take part in
· If there is any doubt about the goods before issuing the customs declaration,
· Inspection of goods starting from customs clearance and registration procedures
· If there is deficiency, damage or inaccuracy, making the minutes, informing the places where information should be given
· Make the accruals by paying the value of the guarantee
· To carry the company to the desired location and to deliver it to the authorities
· Close the bank commitment accounts
· If the incentive files are incomplete, close and resolve any collateral
· To take the checks containing customs taxes and duties and to make the payment to the authorized authorities
· To transfer customs duties and fees to customs account on-line.
· To provide transportation support for transporting the customs goods to the desired location.


ExportMar 16, 2019

As Demirbilek Group, we have exported to Russia, Africa and Middle East countries.

Internal TradeMar 16, 2019

Demirbilek Group provides services especially in the fields of food, chemical products, precious metals, construction materials, textile products, import and export, as well as investment and finance.

Project PartnershipMar 18, 2019

We offer partnerships in all fields of import and export in terms of financial or consultancy.

Engineering and Service ExportsMar 16, 2019

With its innovative and expert staff, Demirbilek Group exports all kinds of engineering services.

Tax and Foreign Trade Consultancy ServiceMar 16, 2019

We provide consultancy services to our customers in order to solve problems related to tax, other financial legislation and VAT applications in particular, customs, foreign exchange, export, import, internal processing, factoring and Exim loans.